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Wanted on Craigslist: bitcoins. blogger Felix Salmon, have forecast an imminent burst of the bitcoin bubble — the point when bitcoin enthusiasm wanes.A conversation on the newest tech trends with David Karp (tumblr), Georg Petschnigg (FiftyThree, Inc.), moderated by Felix Salmon (Reuters).Felix Salmon Recipe for Disaster The Formula That Killed Wall Street Wired from ECON 2324 at Huachiew Chalermprakiet University.What will that mean for the financial world and American shareholders.Cheap at the price if it staved off a Depression, why is it one of the most unpopular programs in history.Digital Gold, is as close as you can get to being the definitive account of the history of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money.Are the leaders of Europe refusing to do the only things that might save the Euro and the European economy.The People Making Real Money On Bitcoin. notably from Felix Salmon at Reuters who questioned paying a management fee to have someone provide bitcoins.Bitcoin fills a niche of digital and frictionless exchange of value.

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This latest incident reveals how computerized algorithms control the financial markets.It was the first cryptocurrency of its time and has made a humongous splash and thats putting it lightly.

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There are a couple of reasons why the bubble is sure to burst.Markets Plunge Anew on Existential Worries about the Eurozone.Investing in bitcoin is getting easier for those who have little. as Felix Salmon.

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The biggest bubble is people calling bubbles. When will it

Bitcoin Exchange (BTC:USD. in connection with Bitcoin, and Reuters journalist Felix Salmon correctly predicted the bursting of one such Bitcoin bubble in.

For the first time, the ratings industry is being held accountable for its role in the financial crisis.Much hype has surrounded Bitcoin over the last few years but especially this year since prices of the crypto-currency have gained by a.

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Every super-government tried to shut it down and none of them could. J.P. Morgan tried to file patents for the exact technology of bitcoin and failed.Felix Salmon in a Wednesday morning blog post wherein he argued Bitcoins are a financial bubble and.

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Congress and federal regulators are beginning to pay attention.We hear about digital currency, controlled and stored in computers and traded across the Internet as a way to make payments.

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What does it say about the health of Yahoo, a major player in the high-flying world of communications technology.I agree with Blodget and Salmon that the bitcoin market is a bubble.Felix Salmon and many others have pointed out that a currency.To the Point, hosted by award-winning journalist Warren Olney.This outcome has been neatly summarized by the financial blogger Felix Salmon as.

Felix Salmon wrote a post titled Waiting for Bitcoin to get Boring.

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In 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average bottomed out at 6,500.Felix Salmon: The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency.

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Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and.Janesville, Wisconsin is the hometown of Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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A year ago, it was hardly unthinkable that a math wizard like David X.Ryan McQueeney. and many are starting to wonder whether a bitcoin bubble is about to burst.

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Now Senators and Representatives members of both parties, and the Obama Administration are playing an enormous political price.

A fast-paced, news-based daily show about hot-button national issues of the day. At KCRW.com.If you bought a thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin in 2010, youd be a multimillionaire today.

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The popularity of trading Bitcoin has now reached the point where none other than the New York Times sees.In the aftermath of the TARP bailout, Wall Street firms have gone back to paying large bonuses without much complaint from Washington.TARP saved Wall Street, AIG, General Motors and Chrysler, but failed to keep homeowners out of foreclosure and banks still are not lending.

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